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the creation process
How to choose and use?

   Possibly the best way of choosing is to stay with something, which attracts your attention immediately and causes pleasant emotions. It might signify that object touches something important in you and can be a good expression of your personality.

   The personal colour scale is a good guide as to whether the chosen accessory will look good on you. The considered possibilities to combine the accessory with your clothes (suit, evening dress, dress, sweater, shirt) can give a personal accent to your present clothing or inspire you for a new one.

If you want to accent your eyes, you can select the colour of the accessory match your eye colour.

   If you are looking for a special gift, the individual’s personal preferences can be taken into account, such as their style of dress (business, casual, extravagant, neutral), colours he/she wears most often, and metal accessories (gold, silver, copper). Metal accessories can add a special touch if the contours of the design has a metallic effect.

   The occasion (seasonal holiday, wedding, birthday) for which you intend to wear or present the silk accessory may influence your decision.

   The matching scarf and tie can be an interesting way to harmonize clothing with your partner.

   Attention: washing instructions!
   Silk scarves can be delicately hand-washed in water up to 40 degrees C. Ties should be dry-cleaned

The creation process

   The creation process is very pleasant, but time-consuming and takes a lot of concentration. The scarf has to be attached to the frame, the motifs painted carefully, and the material fixed. The styles that I paint most often are hand-painted motifs and a wax technique, which has an interesting effect. Materials are available in variations on natural silk (chiffon, ponge, atlas).



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